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Walter D (Donnie) Kennedy

Chief of Heritage Operations

Carl V Jones II

Deputy Chief of Operations

James R Kennedy

Deputy Chief Heritage Promotions

Ray Shores

Marketing Management

David Loy Mauch

Strategic Planning & Tactical Support

Dr. Samuel Mitcham Jr

Heritage Operations Historian

James Brian McClure

Communication & Networking

Mike Scruggs

Strategic Planning & Tactical Support

The Confederate Legion Objectives include…

Reestablishing public support for the principles of liberty held by the founders of the United States and the Confederate States of America.
Rebuilding respect for the Confederate States of America that preferred to leave the Union rather than abandon the principles of liberty like the Northern states was doing under Leftist influences of that day and age.

  • Individuals and organizations can join.  Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is not required.
  • Businesses, associations, and S.C.V. camps can join.
  • An individual member can organize an independent Confederate Legion group and name it whatever he/she likes.
  • Members are expected to follow moral standards, obey the law, and participate in the Southern Victory Campaign.
  • Credit cards and checks are accepted.  Credit card payments can be recurring.
  • Payments are tax deductible because the S.C.V. is a 501 (c) (3) entity.
  • Members receive an ID card, certificate, and access to support, and communications.
  • Most of all, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re part of the offensive!

Prong One of the campaign offensive involves direct action by the Heritage Operations Committee of the SCV

Prong Two involves direct action by individual and group members of the Confederate Legion.

When you work in the Southern Victory Campaign to provide people with enough information to move them toward a convicted, pro-Confederate, pro-Liberty position, you change the narrative for those people.

Download the Southern Victory Campaign Strategy

Learn how to join the Confederate Legion and why in 8-9 minutes. The Legion is a major funding source for the Sons of Confederate Veteran’s marketing and public relations initiative through the Make Dixie Great Again campaign.

Watch a short video about the Confederate Legion

Dues and donations are used to mount a two-prong offensive that we call the Southern Victory Campaign. It’s led by the Heritage operations Committee of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Donate to the Southern Victory Campaign and make a Difference.

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