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The campaign for Southern Victory begins…

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Southern Victory Campaign

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Southern Victory Campaign

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Southern Victory Campaign

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Southern Victory Campaign

Welcome to The Confederate Legion

In the summer of 2018, Paul Gramling became Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) largely due to his campaign promise to “change the narrative” throughout America from “anti-Confederate” to “pro-Confederate”.  He wanted to shift public opinion toward our opinion. The SCV’s Heritage Operations Committee was charged with the task, and Walter D. “Donnie” Kennedy became the chairman.

Donnie staffed his committee and launched the Southern Victory Campaign™ in October 2018— from scratch.  Other founding staff members included James R. “Ron” Kennedy, Brian McClure, and Raymond H. Shores.

The SCV had never before attempted such a grand campaign.  “Make Dixie Great Again” became the slogan, and a website bearing that name was launched.  It’s now the tactical headquarters and supply base of the campaign, funded by Confederate Legion membership dues and donations and by ad revenue.

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